With all of the software testing consultants and trainers out there, why bring in a guy from Oklahoma? Well, besides having over 30 years IT experience, being an author of a couple of software testing books and over 25 training courses on software testing and software quality, and being a world class trainer and presenter...

You get results.

That's why companies and individuals have been using my services since 1990. They know that they can count on me to come in and get the job done with exceptional results. Whether you need a software testing course, or a software testing assessment, I have a great track record of loyal and happy clients because I get the job done without billing them for months or years.

You get personalized service.

We're a small business (and not just by the government definition!). That means that we bend over backwards to meet your needs. You are more than a date on the calendar to us. After the engagement, you can always call or e-mail me with questions at no additional cost. I am willing to customize courses to meet your need at little or no additional cost!

You know who the trainer or consultant will be.

In most cases, I (Randy) will be the trainer or consultant on your project.
If you are looking for a lower rate, or need a class when I am already booked, I have associate trainers and consultants that I will propose. However, it's your decision as to who will be providing the services.

You get support after the class or consulting engagement

Once you become a client or customer, you get access FOREVER to my "Customers Only" section of the web site. In this section, you get free access to reports, research, conference presentations and other information that is not available for free on the web site. You will also get special discounts on e-learning and public training events throughout the year. You (or anyone on your team) are always welcome to call or e-mail me personally with questions or problems. I answer all questions!

You get extreme value.

It's hard to find other testing service providers that can match the value you'll receive from us. For example, at no extra cost, I will perform limited customization on a course, develop custom case studies for workshops, and research questions for you. As a client, you become part of our network of other testers and test managers. When you need wider feedback, we can facilitate that. When you consider how much defects cost you in time, lost opportunity, waste and frustration, the benefits far outweigh the costs of our services. In fact, if you can prevent just one or two software defects, my services pay for themselves!

You have lower risk.

Imagine this. You have pulled 20 people away from their normal work to attend a two day software testing class. If the class isn't effective and produces positive results, it's a waste of everyone's time and it makes the sponsors (and trainer) look bad. In fact, the cost of people's time away from work is the greatest expense you will have in training. Our average evaluation score is 8.8 on a scale of 10.

In addition, you can rest assured that I will not use profanity, humor in poor taste, or any other behavior that would give the HR folks cause for concern.

You get a holistic view of your situation.

You may not have a technology problem as much as a "people problem". We understand the human factors in IT. As co-author of the book which deals with the human issues in testing, Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing, I can help you navigate the rough waters of the human factors in software development. It takes people, technology and processes working together to be truly effective in software development and testing.

You will have added value.

Today, you must be more than just competent. You must be extraordinary! That's my goal and I can help you achieve that as well.  Many people spend their own money to take my e-learning courses and consider them to be sound investments in their career. We have priced these to be affordable for individuals and to be cost-effective for teams. You get more than just "a software testing course", you get tangible improvement in your testing skills!

You get the benefit of deep experience in software testing and software projects

No matter what your business or industry, I can help optimize your software testing processes! I have experience in a wide variety of industries, with special experience in financial, government and health care applications and projects. 


Why My Approach is Different

I work with you, not against you, to solve your problems. Many consultants come in to a company with pre-conceived solutions and agendas. I respect the work you have already done and help you make the most of your past investments.

Flexibility is important and you will find that I go the extra mile to help you be successful. For example, If you want to add a couple of people to a class that is already at "maximum"? I'll do everything I can to make that happen. Other trainers will often require that you book a second class.

I'm truly independent.
You will get my unbiased and candid opinion. I have no agreements with tool vendors and make no commission if I recommend a particular tool.

You get access to my vast network of knowledge and resources. Have a tough question? I'll bet I can find the answer by accessing my network of other international testing experts.