Now you can join our live public classroom training remotely!


TrainingLink is our new live online training platform.

You will be able to participate in a live public from your own computer. When enrolling for a class, just select "TrainingLink Remote Attendance". (You get a reduced course rate.) The registration site is

You will receive the course notebook in advance of the class.

You will see all PowerPoint slides, instructor drawings, exercises, and video of the instructor teaching the class. Since this is a live class, you will need to schedule accordingly. Classes may be in any U.S. time zone.

We will record the sessions so you can catch-up later, if desired.

You can view the course on your computer or tablet (iPad or Android).

What You Will Need

A webcam and microphone

If you prefer to connect by phone, the line is not toll-free. You are responsible for long distance changes, if applicable.

Focused attention

These sessions are 6 - 7 hours long with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. You are expected to ask and answer questions and contribute to the class. We understand if you have a need to break away for a meeting, etc.  Just post a note in the chat window to the instructor.

Desire to learn

If you are interested and engaged, you will learn. We can impart the information, but it's up to you to absorb it.

Can I get my team trained remotely?

Yes!  Just connect a main computer to a projector. We suggest using a conference room phone line to hear people's comments and questions. We offer small team discounts. Just call or e-mail us for a price quote.

Can I get a custom class for my team?

Yes! We do that all the time on just about any of our course catalog topics. You can include team members in multiple locations. Just call or e-mail us for a price quote.