As a Test or QA Manager, you face many challenges:

> High management and customer expectations to find "all the defects"
> Fewer people available for testing
> Less time for testing...or building skills
> More things changing, which means you have to retest things more often
> The need for test automation, but unable to make test automation a reality
> Difficult relations with the developers

You would like to be like this happy team shown above, but the reality is the testing process can be a grind.

The good news is that transformation is possible!

With a tuned process, the right tools, and people who are trained and motivated you can:

  • Find software failures faster and more effectively

  • Influence your team in positive ways so they are on your side and you achieve success together

  • Market your team and what you do to your management so that expectations can be managed

  • Make the best use of your time and resources

  • Build your team's skills consistently without impacting your schedule 


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