The Software Quality Advisor Newsletter - Past Issues

Date Summary
September 2008 Agile Testing, Podcast - Agile Testing
August 2008 Integration and Interoperability Testing, Podcast - Test Data Creation and Maintenance
March 2008 What is Your Stakeholder's Risk Tolerance?, Book Review - SOA Approach to Integration
January 2008 An SOA Testing Strategy, Book Review - You Can't Manage Time
Dec 2007 TQM is Not Just Dead, it's Buried in an Unmarked Grave, Book Review - Outside-in Software Development
Sept/Oct 2007 The Software Cost of Quality Metric, Book Review - SOA: Principles of Service Design
July/August 2007 Grassroots Process Improvement, Book Review - The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way
January/February 2007 How to Get the Most From a Software Testing Conference, Book Review - Collaboration Explained
December 2006 What is User Acceptance Testing?, Book Review - Design for Trustworthy Software
November 2006 Are We Really Ready for Voting Machines, Book Review - Effective Methods for Software Testing, 3rd. Ed.
Sept/Oct 2006 What is a Glitch? Book Review - Weinberg on Writing
March 2006 Testing Without Defined Requirements, Book Review - A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment
March 2005 How to Destroy Your Credibility as a Tester, Book Review - The Project Manager's Guide to Software Engineering's Best Practices
June 2004 How to Build Your Credibility as a Tester, Book Review - 5 Core Metrics
April 2004 Things I Tell New Testers, Book Review - Test-Driven Development by Kent Beck
March 2004 Why I'm More Positive About Exploratory Testing, Book Review - A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design
Nov/Dec 2002 Testing COTS-based Applications, Book Review - Questioning Extreme Programming
October 2002 Increasing the Value of Every Member of Your Team - Part 2, Book Review - Net Privacy, Change...A Process To Be Managed
Sept 2002 Increasing the Value of Every Member of Your Team - Part 1, Book Review - Software Acquisition: Open Systems and COTS Products
August 2002 Can Use Cases be Substituted for Requirements? Book Review - Introducing Software Testing
July 2002 Standards are Your Friend, Comments on the NIST Report of Testing Infrastructure, Book Review - Communication Gaps and How to Close Them
June 2002 How to Start a Bug Collection, Look for Results, Not Time, Book Review - Lessons Learned in Software Testing
May 2002 The Science of Software Testing; Keys to Successful User Acceptance Testing; Book Review - Peer Reviews in Software
April 2002 Am I Getting Through to You? Exploring Penetration Testing; The Test Team Leader's Role in Facilitating Change; Book Review - More Secrets of Consulting
March 2002 How Are We Doing? - Part 2, Conflict Resolution as a Team Leader, Interviewing Techniques - Part 1 - A Team Leader's Perspective, Book Review - The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
February 2002 How Are We Doing?, Core Tester Skills, The Politics of a Project, Book Review - The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork & The 17 Essential Laws of a Team Player
January 2002 Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing Automation, Skills of a Test Team Leader, Testing on a Budget, Book Review - The Accidental Project Manager
December 2001 Dealing with the Intimidation Factor in Software Testing, Automated Test Tools - Should We or Shouldn't We, Developing Process Documentation - Part II, Book Review - Amplifying Your Effectiveness
November 2001 The Threat of Cyberterrorism, Internal Certification of Software Testers, Developing Process Documentation, Book Review -  Project Retrospectives
October 2001 Preparing for the Unpredictable, Reviews and Inspections, Book Review - The Science of Debugging
September 2001 The Role of Regression Testing in Dirty Systems, Metrics and Measurements, Book Reviews - Web Testing Toolkit, Testing Applications on the Web
August 2001 Strategies for Integration and Interoperability Testing, Book Review - Roundtable on Project Management, QA's Place in the Business Structure
July 2001 Building a Test Tool Evaluation Card, User Acceptance Testing, Book Review - How To Give It So They Get It by Sharon Bowman
June 2001 Testing Wireless Applications - Part 2, Managing Attitudes, Book Review - Software Testing by Ron Patton
May 2001 Testing Wireless Applications - Part 1, Test Team Leadership, Conference Review - QAI 2001 IT Quality Conference, Book Review - Effective Methods for Software Testing
April 2001


Solving the Right Problem, Tool News, Test Automation, Book Review, Book Review - Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality by Larry English
March 2001 Testing Middleware and Firmware, Building a Test Foundation, Book Review - Object Oriented Software Testing by Shel Siegel
February 2001 Web Usability Validation, Stages of Process Maturity - Moving up in the CMM Levels
January 2001 Questions and Answers, Book Review - Process for System Architecture and Requirements Engineering
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