1 Day 

5558789 sEven the best software testers want to get better. This one-day session is designed for any software tester that wants to sharpen their skills. The main objective of this session is to expand your software testing horizons by learning new ways of thinking about software testing.

This is a highly interactive seminar. You will not be able to just sit and listen. You will be challenged to participate and dialog with others.

You will learn at least ten specific ways to add new skills and attributes to increase your value as a tester to your employer. Once learned and applied, these skills and attributes will remain with you for a lifetime!

As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a higher knowledge of software testing and what it takes to be a really great tester, regardless of the technology.

How to Become a Better Tester will motivate you to go deeper in understand what testing is all about. You will learn how to break software in creative ways and also build people skills. You will also leave with the knowledge of how to combine readily available tools in creative ways to boost your testing effectiveness.

Return on Investment

  • Learn how to increase your value to the test team
  • Understand the deeper issues in testing software applications.
  • Learn how to challenge and improve your own personal testing approaches.
  • Learn how to build your testing skills continuously through self-learning.
  • Advance your career by reinforcing your testing expertise.


Who Will Benefit


  • Testers
  • QA and Test Managers
  • Aspiring QA and Test Managers



The program requires basic testing knowledge or experience. Extensive technical knowledge is not a pre-requisite.

Contact us for information about how to bring this course into your organization.

Content and Structure

Module 1 - Cultivating a Tester's Mindset

A tester must be able to view software objectively and to see things that may not be readily apparent. This module leads you through the process of:

  • Approaching new and existing projects objectively
  • Thinking about why you do the things you do
  • Looking beyond the obvious to find the important
  • Becoming a "Software Archaeologist"
  • Practice to Get Better

Module 2 - Giving and Receiving Critical Feedback in Non-Threatening Ways

It takes a special set of skills and a special mindset to be able to deliver critical feedback (the bad news) in ways that are constructive. It's also important to be able to receive critical feedback to improve. This module will help to learn how to both give and receive critical feedback in constructive ways that are helpful to yourself and others. 

  • What is Critical Feedback?
  • Dealing with the Intimidation Factor in Testing
  • Putting the Ego Aside
  • Balancing Others' Feelings with the Need for Improvement
  • How to Let Management Know What is Going On Without Getting Others in Trouble

Module 3 - Becoming an Indispensable Team Member

These days, people are becoming commodities, which are easily replaced. The best way to prevent being replaced is to become such a valued team member that you will survive, no matter what happens.

  • How to be the "Best of the Best" - a 1 in 100 Tester! 
  • How to be a Good Team Member
  • How to Find a Mentor
  • How to Be a Mentor 
  • How to Develop a Super-Fantastic Attitude

Module 4 - Building Your "Secret Weapon" Toolkit

You need leverage to be a great tester. Each really great tester has their own set of tools they take with them, no matter where they go to give them that leverage.

  • How to Find Easily Accessible Test Tools
  • How to Get Good at Using Your Own Tools
  • How to Build a Really Great Checklist
  • How to Write Good Processes and Reusable Templates

 Module 5 - Sharing Your Knowledge

Everyone has a story to tell. Here's how to get your story out to help others and build your own expertise in the testing field.

  • How to Get Published
  • How to Speak at Conferences
  • How to Develop a Great Story to Tell
  • How to Tell Your Story

Module 6 - Summary

This is a summary of the workshop.

  • Top Ten Seminar Points
  • Final Thoughts
  • Questions and Answers


  • Course notebook with slides
  • You will have the information needed to be a better tester