Order the book, Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing by Randall W. Rice and William E. Perry!By William E. Perry, CSQA, CQE, CSTE
Randall W. Rice, CTAL

About the Book

Software testers require people-oriented skills to survive what can often be a lose-lose relationship with developers and managers. Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing goes beyond the technical skillsets required for effective testing to address the political realities that can't be solved by technical knowledge alone.

Authors Perry and Rice compile a "top ten" list of the challenges faced by testers and offer tactics for success. The challenges illustrate the way testing fits into the context of software development and how testers can manage expectations and improve communication with managers, developers, and customers. The text features a self-assessment for testing skills and an action plan for improving the testing process.

Topics include training, acquiring management support, obtaining tools, communicating with customers, managing changing requirements, marketing the importance of testing, testing what's thrown over the wall, controlling the scope of testing, teaching developers to test, and handling the delicate situation of reporting defects.

The Top Ten People Challenges Facing Testers

Challenge #10: Getting Trained in Testing

Challenge #9: Building Relationships with Developers

Challenge #8: Testing Without Tools

Challenge #7: Explaining Testing to Managers

Challenge #6: Communicating with Customers -- And Users

Challenge #5: Making Time for Testing

Challenge #4: Testing What's Thrown Over the Wall

Challenge #3: Hitting a Moving Target

Challenge #2: Fighting a Lose-Lose Situation

Challenge #1: Having to Say No

Read an excerpt from Chapter 3.

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