High system performance is an essential requirement for today's applications, regardless of the technology. This course, based on the 2018 ISTQB Performance Tester syllabus, teaches the foundational concepts and techniques for performance testing and reinforces the techniques with relevant exercises. You will design, implement, conduct and evaluate an actual performance test as part of the course.

This course is available in live in-house clasroom format and on-demand e-Learning

This is the only on-demand, self-paced course available for the new ISTQB Performance Tester certification, and follows the syllabus exactly. Your instructor is Randy Rice, a co-author of the syllabus. You have lifetime access to the course and access to ask Randy any questions by e-mail or phone. The exam is not included in this pricing, but is available as an add-on.

Accreditation forthcoming



1. Basic Concepts – 60 mins.

1.1 Principles of Performance Testing
1.2 Types of Performance Testing
1.3 Testing Activities in Performance Testing
1.4 The Concept of Load Generation
1.5 Common Failures in Performance Testing and Their Causes

2. Performance Measurement Fundamentals - 55 mins.

2.1 Typical Measurements Collected in Performance Testing
       2.1.1 Why Performance Metrics are Needed
       2.1.2 Collecting Performance Metrics
       2.1.3 Selecting Performance Metrics
2.2 Aggregating Results from Performance Testing
2.3 Methods Used for Collecting Metrics
2.4 Typical Results of a Performance Test

3. Performance Testing in the Software Lifecycle – 195 mins.

3.1 Principal Performance Testing Activities
3.2 Performance Risks for Different Architectures
3.3 Performance Risks Across the Software Lifecycle
3.4 Performance Testing Activities

4. Performance Testing Tasks– 475 mins.

4.1 Planning and Analysis
      4.1.1 Deriving Performance Test Objectives
      4.1.2 The Performance Test Plan
      4.1.3 Communicating about Performance Testing
4.2 Design and Implementation
      4.2.1 Typical Protocols
      4.2.2 Transactions
      4.2.3 Identifying Operational Profiles
      4.2.4 Creating Load Profiles
      4.2.5 Analyzing Throughput and Concurrency
      4.2.6 Basic Structure of a Performance Test Script
      4.2.7 Implementing Performance Test Scripts
      4.2.8 Preparing for Performance Test Execution
4.3 Execution
4.4 Analyzing Results and Reporting

5. Tools – 90 mins.

5.1 Tool Support
5.2 Tool Suitability