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Compare the Costs

Public Course Online Course
1 day, no travel = $750 USD 6.5 hour course = $59 - $89 USD
1 day, with travel = $1,440 USD 6.5 hour course = $59 - $89 USD
2 days, no travel = $1,380 USD 13 hour course = $349 USD
2 day, with travel = $2,280 USD 13 hour course = $349 USD
3 days, no travel = $2,000 USD 20 hour course = $395 - $570 USD
3 days, with travel = $3,200 USD 20 hour course = $395 - $570 USD
For traveling, 2 to 4 hours (at a 
minimum) in travel each way - 
What's your time worth?
No travel time
Canceled flights, frustrations and stress Sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

And, this is just for one person!  Think about these costs for a team of five!

If you do the math, you'll see the benefits add up fast. With the money you save, you can buy a test tool, buy some books, hire an assistant...

FREE Training is a free and comprehensive resource that is a collection of open college course that spans videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT. These include highly relevant courses such as iPhone Application Development from Stanford and Cyber Humor from Oxford. This is a wonderful resource for those looking to explore additional educational topics and to see what college level courses have to offer.

(Why do I list free courses when I sell my courses? 1. You may have limited funds, 2. To be helpful, 3. That's how I am. :-) )