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This course is designed for testers and software developers who want to learn how to test software at a detailed level using JUnit 5 and JUnit Jupiter. The process taught in this course is specifically oriented to JUnit 5, and is reinforced by a series of hands-on exercises that allow you to build unit tests incrementally as the workshop progresses.

This course bridges the gap between solid unit test design and unit test automation. The course covers both functional and structural testing, with numerous examples and templates.

You will learn the terminology, process, and challenges of unit testing in the real world.

As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of unit testing with JUnit 5, JUnit Jupiter, and what it takes to design and conduct an effective unit test with JUnit 5.

Currently, this course is available only in in-house presentations. E-learning will be available soon. Contact Us for booking information.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Unit Testing (15 mins.)

Module 2 – Unit Testing Prerequisites and Terminology (1 hour)

Module 3 - Intro to JUnit5 and JUnit Jupiter (45 mins.)

Module 4 – Writing and Running Tests (1.5 hrs.)

Module 5 – Going Deeper With JUnit5 (2.5 hrs.)

Module 6 – Integration Considerations of JUnit5 (1 hr.)


•    Course notebook with slides, worksheets, checklists, complete examples and supporting text
•    You will have the basic information needed to plan and execute a unit test using JUnit 5