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December 2006

Featured Article

What is User Acceptance Testing?

 By Randall W. Rice, CSTE, CSQA, CTFL

Over the past few years, there have been a variety of definitions applied to User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Your success in validating that a system or application is "fit for use" by the intended user depends on how you define this phase of testing.

For example, if you see UAT as a functional test based solely on user requirements, you will likely miss the same things in testing that were missed in defining the requirements. Another example is that if you see UAT as the tests that can be automated in agile testing, you may miss the "hands on" assessment of the actual user to determine how the application actually meets their needs.

I need to be clear that I am not saying that you must use my definition of UAT or else you will be hopelessly doomed to project failure. What I am saying is that there are a variety views of UAT that may or may not meet your needs - and that you had better be sure you know the differences in the ways UAT is defined. [Read more at]  

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"I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, generous, pleasant time; a time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely, and so I say, God bless Christmas!" - Charles Dickens

"If TV has taught me anything, it's that miracles always happen to poor kids at Christmas. It happened to Tiny Tim, it happened to Charlie Brown, it happened to the Smurfs, and it's going to happen to us."  - Bart Simpson

Book Review

Design for Trustworthy Software

By Bijay K. Jayaswal and Peter C. Patton

Product Details:

ISBN: 0131872508
Format: Hardcover, 840 pp
Pub. Date: August 2006
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition 

For many years I have studied the major approaches for achieving quality. Not just software quality, but quality of building anything. Something that I have often wished for is an approach that integrates all of these great concepts in one place - not necessarily a unified process, but at least a big toolkit. I think I have seen my wish realized in this book.

The main premise of this book is that software development and manufacturing actually have more in common than many people have believed in the past, and that like manufacturing, the place to improve software quality is "as far upstream as possible." This book has a framework of tools, techniques and methodologies for developing robust software that is based on the work of the quality gurus and companies worldwide. The authors call this blend, Design For Trustworthy Systems (DFTS).

The book is divided into five sections:

Section 1 is a great background discussion that compares and contrasts the most popular life cycle methodologies. This section has a good discussion of software metrics and how to measure and compute the financial impact of software quality.

Section 2 presents the tools and techniques for trustworthy software and is the heart of the book. Interested in orthogonal arrays and Taguchi methods? You'll find an entire chapter on the topic.

Section 3 shows how to apply the tools and techniques early in the development process.

Section 4 discusses how to implement these approaches in your organization.

Section 5 has six major case studies of organizations that have successfully implemented these techniques.

If you are looking for a book to dig deeper on software quality - more than just testing - this is a great book for that purpose. Each chapter has exercises, review questions, discussion questions and projects.

Although this book has many great techniques and approaches for developing and delivering trustworthy software, the authors make clear that it takes more than just good approaches to deliver quality software. They address why software quality is still lacking, even though we have a great deal of knowledge and experience of what it takes to achieve quality.

To quote from the book, "A breakthrough improvement in quality never happens by itself. Neither is it the result of incremental learning from your past experiences alone or because everyone works harder and faster...It is invariably the result of fundamental and irreversible changes directed by the CEO and the top management team. These changes are planned and transformative as opposed to haphazard and incremental. At the end of all the talk, it is all about leadership."

I highly recommend this book to software quality leaders and practitioners who want to go deeper in their understanding of what it takes to build and deliver trustworthy software, and how to transfer those practices to their organization to gain competitive advantage by serving their customers better.

Readability - 5
Coverage of topics - 5
Depth of coverage - 5
Credibility - 5
Accuracy - 5
Relevance to software quality - 5
Overall - 5 

Reviewed by Randy Rice

25 Ways to Win With People

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           "Health, peace, and sweet content be yours." - William Shakespeare

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