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August, 2008

Featured Article

Integration and Interoperability Testing of Software
by Randall W. Rice

My last blog post about the American Airlines baggage system failure mentioned interoperability testing and it got me thinking about this important type of testing that is often minimized or overlooked in systems testing.

First, I just need to make a distinction realizing that software testing terminology is often applied in a variety of ways depending on how you were exposed to it. For example, a test case can mean many things to different people. Although standard definitions exist, they are often unknown to professional testers.

Read more at http://randallrice.blogspot.com/2008/08/integration-and-interoperability.html

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For all of this month, you can save 25% off any of my e-learning courses, including my newest course for ISTQB Foundation Level Test Certification. You can buy as many courses or registrations as you like at this discount. Remember, you have 12 months access to any of my e-learning courses, even after you complete the course!

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Upcoming Public Events

Milwaukee, WI - Innovative Software Test Techniques/ISTQB Test Certification - Sept 15 - 19, 2008
EuroStar 2008 - Keynote & Tutorial - The Hague, Netherlands - Nov.  10 - 13, 2008
Rome - Software Testing and Advanced Software Testing - Nov 17 - 21, 2008

You can learn more about these events at www.riceconsulting.com.

Other News

Our ISTQB test certification course, Foundation Level Course in Software Testing, has been accredited by the ASTQB!

See how training can be GREEN!


New Podcast

I’ve recently found a very interesting test data generation tool from Grid-Tools called Datamaker. Click on the link below to hear my most recent podcast featuring Huw Price of Grid-Tools who tells us more about their solution to one of the most challenging areas of software testing – getting good test data:


To contact Grid-Tools:


On the Blog Recently…

American Airlines Baggage Failure Gets Personal to Me

Links of Interest

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Software’s Chronic Crisis - It’s interesting to see how far we haven’t come!


Quote of the Month

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future.”  Niels Bohr

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