1 Day Seminar

This is a practical seminar designed to provide a quick start in testing web-based applications. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for testing web-based applications. As a result of attending this seminar, you should have an increased comfort level in testing web-based applications.

A Web-Based Testing Overview will help you become more comfortable and confident in dealing with web-based testing issues. You will emerge from this one-day session knowing how to develop a web-based test strategy and plan. You will also have a working knowledge of how to perform a test of web-based applications.

Internet technology is a revolutionary resource that has the power to transform organizations, giving them a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace. New business technologies such as E-commerce can help your company become more competitive and ultimately, more profitable. However, technologies such as E-commerce carry unique and increased risks that testers need to know to find problems before customers find them.

Who Should Attend

•    QA and test managers
•    Test analysts
•    Testers
•    End users
•    Web developers
•    Mainframe and client/server developers making the transition to web development.
•    General managers who are responsible for making IT quality decisions in their organizations
•    IT auditors and internal auditors

Return on Investment

•    Learn how to find costly and embarrassing problems before your customers find them.
•    Understand the unique differences in testing web-based applications.
•    Become familiar with web terminology so that you can interact confidently with web developers
•    Choose the most effective test options for your company among competing techniques.
•    Understand which risks are associated with web-based technologies and how they can affect your test planning and execution.
•    Get the most out of your existing investment in testing and how to leverage that investment for web testing.
•    Advance your career by broadening your testing expertise.

Module WTOA - How Internet Systems Differ From Other Technologies (1 hr.)

•    The Impact of Internet On Test Strategies
•    The Key Areas of Focus For Internet Testing
•    The Role of Verification And Validation In Testing Internet Systems
•    Terminology
•    Architecture
•    Security Implications
•    Skills Needed for Testing Web-based Applications
•    Benefits of Internet Technology

Module WTOB - An Internet Testing Strategy (1 hr.)

•    Risks
•    Key Areas of Concern
•    Who Does What?
•    Test Environment Considerations

Module WTOC - An Internet Testing Process (2 hrs.)

•    The Workbench Approach
•    The Steps
•    How Testing Fits Into the Internet Systems development Lifecycle
•    Unit testing
•    Integration testing
•    System testing
•    User acceptance testing

Module WTOD - An Overview of Internet Test Tools (1 hr.)

•    HTML Test Tools
•    DHTML Test Tools
•    XHMTL Test Tools
•    Java Test Tools
•    Load/Stress Testing Tools
•    Other Types of Testing Tools

Case Study and Exercise (1.5 hrs.)


•    Checklists and Templates
•    Glossary
•    Bibliography


•    Course notebook with slides, worksheets, checklists, complete examples and supporting text
•    You will have the basic information needed to plan and execute an effective test of a web-based application.

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