2 Days

handsonkeyboardThis course focuses on the basics of software test automation and expands on those topics to learn some of the deeper issues of test automation.  This course is not specific to any particular tool set but does include hands-on exercises using free and cheap test tools.

The main objective of this course is to help you understand the landscape of software test automation and how to make test automation a reality in your organization. You will learn the top challenges of test automation and which approaches are the best ones for your situation, how to establish your own test automation organization, and how to design software with test automation in mind. You will also learn many of the lessons of test automation by performing exercises using sample test automation tools on sample applications.

You will leave the course with your own test automation strategy and plan for implementing it.

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Topics and Outline

Module 1 – Understanding Test Automation (1 hr.)

Module 2 – Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Test Automation (1.5 hrs.)

Module 3 – Building a Framework for Test Automation (2 hrs.)

Module 4 – Deconstructing Test Automation (3 hrs.)

Module 5 – Structural Test Automation (1 hr.)

Module 6 – A Process for Acquiring and Implementing Test Automation Tools (1.5 hrs.)

Module 7 – Cheap and Free Test Tools

Module 8 – Functional Test Metrics (1.5 hrs.)

Module 9 – Managing Test Automation (1.5 hrs.)

Module 10 – Summary (.25 hr.)