Format: Live, Online

Length: Five, 1.5 hour sessions

Instructor: Thomas Staab

A key role of all successful managers is the building and leading a high performance team (HPT) that provides business value to the organization.  The HPT plays a central role in any software organization. Therefore, they need to have a unique combination of well-developed technical, communication, leadership, and people skills in order to be successful. This requires extensive training and experience in order to fully utilize innovative and cutting-edge tools and techniques, as well as exceptional leadership, communications, and people skills.  

This class focuses on the unique challenges the software organizations faces in building, leading, and retaining a HPT. It is taught by an instructor with real world experience in designing, building, and managing successful high performance teams.

You will:
•    Discover the role and function of a high performance team
•    Learn skills to create an organization that provides retention incentives
•    Gain an understanding and insight into the differences between management and leadership
•    Develop essential knowledge for building and managing a successful high performance team


This workshop is designed to be presented in five (5) 1.5-hour sessions in a virtual, real-time instruction led by a live instructor delivered direct to your computer.


•    Introduction
•    Types of teams
      o    Permanent
      o    Temporary
      o    Virtual
•    Team Building and Retention
      o    Types of teams
      o    Stages of team development
      o    Building the right team
      o    Team composition and structure
•    Resource Management
      o    Managing available resources
      o    Multi-generational workforce
      o    Multi-cultural workforce
•    High performance teams
•    Leadership vs. Management
      o    Manager focus
      o    Leader focus
      o    Leadership skills
      o    Qualities of a great leader
      o    Communications
•    Politics can hinder your success
     o    Recognizing office politics
     o    Overcoming office politics
•    Wrap-up