Format: Live, Online

Length: Five, 1.5 hour sessions

Instructor: Thomas Staab

There are two ways to make process improvement changes: random or planned.  You can’t start making improvements until you know your exact current state and determine where you want to go.  This class takes you through a step-by-step proven process for making planned improvements. 

No process improvement can be successful with management’s unwavering and visual commitment and support to making the improvements.  After that happens the challenge becomes how to effectively know what improvements need to be made and how to implement and manage the improvements.  This class explores, in detail, a proven process improvement methodology to help you be successful in making process improvements. 

You will:
•    Gain knowledge of how to structure and manage process improvement
•    Discover the characteristics of successful process improvement 
•    Understand how to set realistic goals
•    Become knowledgeable in the process improvement methodology


This workshop is designed to be presented in five (5) 1.5-hour sessions in a virtual, real-time instruction led by a live instructor delivered direct to your computer.

Course outline:
1.    Introduction
2.    Process improvement principals
3.    Demonstrating management’s commitment to process improvement
4.    Process capability vs. performance
5.    Process improvement methodology
6.    Setting realistic standards and expectations
7.    Developing an action plan
8.    Anticipating and overcoming resistance
9.    Implementing the improvements
10.    Evaluating improvement success
11.    Wrap-up.