Format: Live, Online

Length: Five, 1.5 hour sessions

Instructor: Thomas Staab

This class describes the activities required to establish a successful software quality organization (SQO).  The SQO is comprised of three distinct quality functions, quality assurance, quality control (testing), and configuration management, that work in harmony and complement each other. The successful establishment of this function requires careful planning and execution.  It is essential that the SQO function provides business value and ROI to the organization; therefore it is imperative that it has the proper placement, infrastructure, and governance.  This class further defines all activities related to the successful planning and establishment of an SQO activity.  

You will:
•    Understand how to plan for implementing a successful SQO
•    Become knowledgeable in how to gain senior management approval and support
•    Expand your understanding of the elements that comprise the SQO function
•    Gain expertise in defining, documenting and implementing standardized SQO processes, procedures, and standards


This class is designed to be presented in five (5) 1.5-hour sessions in a virtual, real-time instruction led by a live instructor delivered direct to your computer.


•    Introduction
      o    Defining the activities related to establishing an SQO group
      o    What is the difference between SQA and SQO
      o    Baselining the current software quality levels and cost of quality
•    Planning the implementation
      o    Establish mission and objectives
      o    Developing the implementation plan
      o    Gaining senior manage approval and support
      o    Estimating business value and ROI
      o    Planning for resistance
•    Establishing SQO
      o    Identify stakeholders
      o    Establish a budget
      o    Recruiting personnel
      o    Developing SQO plan
•    Define and develop standardized processes, procedures, standards, and methodologies
      o    Documenting the standards, processes, procedures, and methodologies
      o    Establish and document the metrics and measurements
      o    Dashboard design
•    Deploying the processes
•    Overcoming resistance
•    Implementing defect studies and quality audits
•    Evaluating the progress
•    Demonstrating business value and ROI
•    Wrap-up