I am forming an online virtual study group for people who wish to prepare for and take the new ISTQB Advanced Security Tester Certification. The exam has been in place since March of 2016, but the missing piece has been training courses.

Great news! As of February 21, 2017, this course is now officially accredited by the ASTQB!

The cost of the exam ($200) is not included in the price of the course.

Here’s How it Works:

We will meet weekly for one hour in a web meeting format. I will lead the meeting, but the purpose is to answer your questions and provide additional insights to the topics. We will cover sample exam questions. The exact day and time of the meetings may vary, but my plan is to hold the meetings on Wednesday around noon, Central time. There may be times when I either must reschedule or have a fill-in facilitator.

There are 11 sessions, including the kick-off session. Tentative start date is Thursday, Nov. 17th, with a goal end date of January 25th. That may sound like a long time, but with e-Learning courses, most people take several months to complete the advanced courses.

If you can’t attend a meeting, that’s fine. We will record each meeting so you will be able to watch and listen later if you like. You can also send me your questions and feedback by e-mail and I will be happy to respond. You also have phone access to me to ask questions.

If you join after the official start date, that’s fine too. Each chapter of the syllabus stands on its own. While it is optimal to start at Chapter 1, you can either catch-up with the recorded modules, or “wrap around” in the next study group (provided there is enough interest in a second group.)

You will have access to all the e-Learning content I have produced to date. This includes narrated slide shows, course notes, exercises and solutions, as well as the ISTQB sample exam questions.

As I continue to add new content, you will have first access to it. However, I expect that all the content will be in place by the second week of the study group.

Each week, we will focus on a chapter in the syllabus. In two chapters, there will be two weeks each, due to the amount of materials. The time required to view the pre-recorded lessons will be about 2 hours per week. The exercises will require another 1.5 to 2 hours.

You will have access to other attendees to get their thoughts as well. The group and course are housed in my e-Learning Management System with forums so you can freely post ideas and questions.

You will get personal attention and mentoring from me. I expect this group will be 12 – 15 people or fewer people in size.

After the group ends, you still have access to the e-Learning course. This is helpful for review before you sit for the exam.

You have direct access to the person who chaired the development of the syllabus. I can provide context and input that is not in the syllabus or the course. And I can answer your “why” questions.

At any time you feel the group is too much for you to handle time-wise, you always have the option to continue on your own through the e-Learning modules. You still have access to me to ask any questions. In fact, you can still attend the weekly sessions. However, without doing with weekly preparation, you may feel a little disconnected.

Financial Details

The price for the full 11-week study group is $795. The cost of the exam ($200) is not included in the price of the study group.

Payment is in advance and can be made by major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover). We also accept PayPal and company checks.

How to Get Started

You can register and pay at https://www.mysoftwaretesting.com/ISTQB_Advanced_Security_Tester_Study_Group_p/advsecgrp.htm

Access instructions will be sent in advance of the first session.


Just contact me here

Exact Dates to be Determined

1. Kick-off
2. Review and Discussion of Module 1 (Basis of Security Testing)
3. Review and Discussion of Module 2 (Security Testing Purposes, Goals and Strategies)
4. Review and Discussion of Module 3 (Security Testing Processes)
5. Review and Discussion of Module 4 (Security Testing Through the Lifecycle, Part 1)
6. Review and Discussion of Module 4 (Security Testing Through the Lifecycle, Part 2)
7. Review and Discussion of Module 5 (Testing Security Mechanisms, Part 1)
8. Review and Discussion of Module 5 (Testing Security Mechanisms, Part 2)
9. Review and Discussion of Module 6 (Human Factors in Security Testing)
10. Review and Discussion of Modules 7 and 8 (Security Test Reporting, Security Test Tools)
11. Review and Discussion of Module 9 (Standards and Industry Trends), Summary and Final Exam Tips