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Walkthroughs, Reviews and Inspections

1 Day

"Excellent course for all software engineers from a junior to senior level!  The instructor taught the course with simplicity, making learning fun and easy."  -Lakeisha Hall  

"Very enjoyable class!  Eye opening to the process of inspections!"  -Donna Zachary  

This is a practical team-based seminar to show how to perform effective walkthroughs and reviews of project deliverables. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for performing walkthroughs and inspections. 

As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of what it takes to perform reviews of project deliverables. This course will help you become more comfortable and confident in performing reviews. 

You will emerge from this one-day session knowing how to plan and conduct a walkthrough or review. 

Walkthroughs and reviews are powerful techniques that allow people to find defects early in a project before the defects become more difficult and expensive to fix later in the project. 

Each module is divided into two parts: the process (walkthroughs, reviews, and inspections) and team-based exercises to review documents using the processes taught in the module. 

As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of three types of reviews: walkthroughs, project reviews, and technical inspections, and what it takes to design and conduct an effective review of software deliverables, regardless of the technology. 

Return on Investment

Who Will Benefit

The program requires no testing knowledge or experience. Extensive technical knowledge is not a pre-requisite, although a familiarity with coding concepts is helpful. 

Program Information

This course is presented on an in-house basis only unless offered as a special public course. Contact us for information about how to bring this course into your organization. 

Content and Structure


Module 1 - Introduction to Review-Based Techniques (.5 hr.) Module 2 - Walkthroughs (1 hr.) Module 3 - Reviews (2 hrs.) Module 4 - Inspections (2.5 hrs.) Deliverables

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