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Testing COTS Applications

2 Days

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"Anytime I can take something away from a course that I can use in my day to day, work projects is a good class." -Gina Boster

"Randy is very knowledgeable regarding testing in general.  I recommend him as an instructor to anyone interested in testing." -Elijah Hayden

"COTS" is a term used to describe "commercial off-the-shelf" software. COTS applications are becoming increasingly more popular for solving mission and business objectives because the development effort is performed by the vendor of the product instead of a customer's internal staff. However, the customer and users of the product have a huge responsibility to ensure that the application will work correctly in the operational environment after it is integrated.

COTS applications can be seen in single standalone implementations or integrated with other applications to form a COTS-based implementation. Some of the challenges this course will address are:

This course is designed to teach the process of planning, performing and evaluating the tests of COTS applications in a way that customers can easily learn and apply.

Return on Investment 

Who Will Benefit

To get the most from this course, attendees should have a basic level of computer literacy and have the ability to adapt general processes to their own specific applications. Prior testing experience and skills are helpful, but not required for this course.

Program Information

This course is presented on an in-house basis only unless offered as a special public course. Contact us for information about how to bring this course into your organization.

Content and Structure


Module 1 - COTS Applications Defined (1 Hr.)

This module lays a foundation of understanding about COTS applications and some of the key terminology associated with COTS applications. A case study is presented that will serve as the basis for discussion and exercises throughout the course.

Module 2 - A COTS Testing Framework (.5 Hr.)

This module presents the COTS testing framework that will be the driving process for this course.

Module 3 - Developing a COTS Testing Strategy (1.5 hrs.)

This module presents how to develop a test strategy for COTS applications and how to use the strategy to start planning very early in a project what you will need to test it.

Module 4 - Planning the Test of a COTS application (3 Hrs.)

This module presents a complete planning process for testing COTS applications.

Module 5 - Performing the Test of a COTS Application (2.5 Hrs.)

This module presents how to prepare and perform the testing of COTS applications, including integration and regression testing. As part of this module, we will perform the tests designed in the previous module on a COTS application.

Module 6 - Analyzing and Reporting the Results of COTS testing (1.5 Hrs.)

In this module, you will learn how to interpret the results of testing COTS applications and how to use that information to implement the product and to improve the COTS acquisition, customization, integration, testing, and implementation processes.

Module 7 - Human Factors in COTS Testing (.5 Hr.)

Human factors are very important in testing COTS applications and this module describes some of the most critical issues to be prepared to deal with.



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