Software Quality Assurance  - A Life Cycle Approach

3 Days  

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This is a course is designed for Quality Assurance professionals and others who want to learn how to design and apply quality assurance throughout the software development lifecycle.

You will learn how to deliver quality software based on pre-defined quality success factors, how to measure the right things to achieve optimal results and how to perform quality control (testing and inspections) in the context of the software life cycle. You will learn the reasons SQA is needed, as well as the various SQA guidelines and standards used to achieve high-quality software.

To reinforce the learning objectives, you will work in teams to perform meaningful exercises that will give you practical experience in applying the materials. These exercises are performed at every step along the way in the workshop.

By attending this course, you will be able to understand both the theory and practical application of software quality practices. The course concludes with developing your own action plan for achieving software quality in your organization.

Who Should Attend
Return on Investment

You will be able to:

Module 1 – Introduction and Overview (2.5 hrs.)
Module 2 – The Role of Software QA (3 hrs.)
Module 3 – Software Configuration Management (3 hrs.)
Module 4 – Software Quality Assurance (4 hrs.)
Module 5 – Testing, Validation and Evaluation (4 hrs.)
Module 6 – Special Topics (2 hrs.)
Module 7 – Planning, Organizing, Implementing and Managing SQA (1.5 hrs.)