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Hot Topics and Effective Techniques in Web Testing

1 Day

This is a practical seminar to explore new issues in testing web-based applications. This course also describes effective ways to test web applications, such as incremental and performance testing. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for testing web-based applications using new technologies. As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of what's new in web testing and what it takes to effectively test web-based applications.

Hot Topics and Effective Techniques for Web Testing will help you become more comfortable and confident in testing web-based applications. You will emerge from this one-day session knowing how to develop test strategies and test plans for technologies such as Java, .Net, web services and XML.

Internet technology is a revolutionary resource that has the power to transform organizations, giving them a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace. E-commerce can help your company become more competitive and ultimately, more profitable. Learn the issues and processes for effectively testing the nuts and bolts of this dynamic and profitable technology by attending this hands-on course.

Return on Investment

  • Design and conduct an effective web-based test
  • Conduct an incremental test for times you may not have defined requirements
  • Find and evaluate web-based test tools
  • Deal with new technologies for the web, such as web services, security and .Net
  • Improve on types of testing, such as usability and security testing

Who Will Benefit

  • Test analysts
  • Testers
  • Web developers
  • Mainframe and client/server developers making the transition to web development.
  • Project Managers

The program requires intermediate IT knowledge or experience. Extensive web development knowledge is not a pre-requisite.

Program Information

This course is presented on an in-house basis only unless offered as a special public course. Contact us for information about how to bring this course into your organization.

Content and Structure

  • Web Technology Overview
    • Web Testing Complexity
    • 1st Generation Web Applications
    • 2nd Generation Web Applications
    • 3rd Generation Web Applications
    • 4th Generation of the Web
  • What’s Current and on the Horizon?
  • What Many Have Learned
  • Processes and Techniques That Have Worked Well
  • Load Testing
    • Load Testing Key Concerns
    • Load Testing Challenges
    • Terminology
    • Prerequisites
    • Manual vs. Automated Tools
    • Which Tools are Applicable for Performance Testing?
    • How Can Tools Help?
    • Common Performance Test Problems and Pitfalls
  • Incremental Testing
  • Reviews and Inspections
  • Automated Regression Testing
    • Risks of Not Automating Testing
    • Risks of Automating Testing
    • Top Ten Challenges of Automated Testing
    • Automated Test Strategies
    • A Workable Automated Test Organization
    • Using Bridging Scripts for ToolInteroperability
    • Steps in Selecting a Test Tool
    • Critical Success Factors
  • What We Could Be Doing Better
    • A Few Examples
    • Web Correctness Testing
      • What are the Defect Profiles?
      • Regression Testing
      • Where Data Defects Can Happen
      • Example for E-Commerce Correctness
      • Example Test Cases for E-Commerce Correctness
      • An E-Commerce Schematic
    • Maintenance
    • Web Usability Testing
      • Unique Considerations for Usability Testing
      • What do the Surveys Show?
      • How to Perform Web Usability Testing
      • The Process
      • Helpful Resources for Web Usability
  • What’s New on the Web?
    • Web Services
      • SOAP Defined
      • Web Services Test Methods
      • Web Services Test Concerns
    • .Net vs. Java
      • What is .Net?
      • 6 Things to Consider
    • Security Testing
      • New Security Threats
      • What is Security Testing?
      • Is Security Testing Possible?
      • The Challenge
      • Five Steps to Enterprise Security
      • How Testing Fits into an Enterprise Security Process
      • Key Points for Security Testing
      • Hackers and Crackers
        • Who are the Hackers and Crackers?
        • How Do They Work? - The 5 Phases of an Attack
      • Web Application Attacks
      • Concerning Cookies
      • Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks
      • The Issue with Cookies
      • Unauthorized Sale of Data
  • An Update on Web Testing Tools
    • Capture/Playback
    • Security Testing
    • Other Cool Tools
  • Summary
    • Top 5 Seminar Points
    • Q&A


  • Course notebook with slides, worksheets, checklists, complete examples and supporting text
  • You will have the basic information needed to plan and execute a structural test of a web application.


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