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Business Analyst Training

Improving Processes Using Root Cause Analysis1 Day
This workshop is designed to teach people how to improve any process by using proven techniques and processes for identifying and correcting root causes of problems. 

Gathering, Documenting and Testing User Requirements -  2 days  e-learning
This is a basic course in understanding the process of gathering, defining, testing and managing user requirements. You will learn the requirements process from start to ongoing maintenance. 

Use Cases From Concept to Test Cases - 1 day
This workshop is designed to give a practical overview and process for writing use cases and then designing test cases from them.

Walkthroughs, Reviews and Inspections 1 day
Teaches practical processes for verification of project deliverables.

Moderator Facilitation Skills Workshop 1 day
This workshop teaches by example and practice how to be an effective moderator for software inspections.

Systems Analysis for Business Analysts - 3 days
This is a basic course to help business analysts understand the basics of systems analysis. This course is ideal for people who are just learning about the importance of user requirements, or for those who need a defined process for requirements management and system design.

A Process for Deliverable Reviews - 1 day  e-learning
This is a practical team-based seminar to show how to perform effective walkthroughs and reviews of project deliverables. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for performing deliverable reviews from the individual, peer and team perspectives. 

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