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Basic Training Courses in Software Testing

Basic Training in Software Testing - 2 days
A quick start course in software testing for people just getting into the field, or for people who just need a refresher course or validation for their current testing techniques. 

Foundation Level Course in Software Testing - 3 days 

This is a course designed for people seeking foundation level certification based on the ISTQB certification program. This course completely covers the current ISTQB syllabus and also provides additional information and guidance in key areas. The terms used in this course are taken from the ISTQB glossary.   

Introduction to QA and Testing - 2 days  
A quick start course in software quality, quality assurance and testing.

User-Oriented Practices for Delivering Quality Software 3 days  
This course is available for those that want to deliver quality software from a user perspective. This course covers how to define and document requirements, as well as how to plan and perform a User Acceptance Test, based on user need, not requirements.

Structured User Acceptance Testing3 days
This is one of the few courses available that teaches a non-technical and easily learned process for testing computer systems from a business process perspective. 

Test Planning and Design - 2 days  
This workshop focuses just on test planning, but from a variety of perspectives: unit, system and user acceptance.

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