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agile testing2 Days

This workshop teaches what agile software testing is all about and how to perform testing in ways that are able to keep up with high-speed and rapidly changing software development. You will learn about collaborative development and testing methods, exploratory and session-based testing, and how to find and perform inexpensive test automation.

You will also learn how to achieve quality software in an agile project by having good stakeholder involvement. You will learn how requirements are developed on agile projects and how agile inspections can show management how many defects are being introduced and missed in project deliverables. You will also learn how to deal with the people issues in software testing.  You will learn by working in teams to perform tests and to perform exercises which build key skills for agile and exploratory testing.

You will:

Who Should Attend

Module 1 (ATA) – The Basics of Agile Development and Testing (1 hr.)

This module explores the basic tenets of agile development and what it means for testing to be agile.

Module 2 (ATB) – Understanding Agile Methods (1 hr.)

This module is an overview of the more commonly used agile methods.
Module 3 (ATC) – Collaboration Techniques (2 hrs.)

This module explores what to means to work as a team of diverse professionals – developers, testers, technical writers, etc. to build quality systems. Effective collaboration is a requirement to be successful in applying agile methods and this module teaches ways to work together well, even if there has been team strife in the past.
Module 4 (STBA) - Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing (1.5 hrs.)

This module describes the most commonly mentioned problems by software testers. You will learn the nature of each challenge and solution strategies for each challenge.

Module 5 (ATC) – Exploratory Testing (2 hrs.)

This module explains exploratory testing and how to perform it. You will learn by performing an exploratory test of a sample software application.

Module 6 (ATD) – Session-based Testing (1.5 hrs.)

This module explains session-based testing, which is a great way to organize, plan and manage exploratory testing.

Module 7 (ATE) – Automating Agile Tests (1.5 hrs)

This module describes the use of tools and automation in agile testing.

Module 8 (ATF) – Agile Inspections (1.5 hrs.)

Agile inspections are totally different than traditional technical inspections. This module explains how agile inspections are performed and how to realize their value.
You will be able to practice an agile inspection by performing it in a team setting.
Module 9 (ATG) – Summary (.25 hrs)

This module summaries the event and gives you the chance to discuss any final questions and comments.

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