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Adding Value to QA and Testing Processes

"Great class! (I) learned some techniques that I can't wait to implement on the job!" - T. Michael Milligan

"Great presenter!  Appreciated the knowledge sharing and humor!" - Debbie Logan

3 Days - 16 Topics!

This course is designed for people who want to learn creative and efficient ways to add increased value to their QA and testing processes. Each module addresses different areas of focus in which QA and testing can add definite value to what is currently being done. The benefit of learning and applying this information is that testing efforts can be optimized, QA resources can be effectively leveraged, and organizational assets protected.

This session is appropriate for QA professionals, test professionals, software developers and managers, and systems support professionals.

The workshop contains several team-based exercises which focus on having the participants brainstorm solutions for case study examples.

Who Should Attend

Return on Investment

The program requires only basic IT knowledge or experience. Testing knowledge or experience is not a pre-requisite.

Program Information

This course is presented on an in-house basis only unless offered as a special public course. Contact us for information about how to bring this course into your organization.


Day 1 - Creative Test Planning

Module 1 - Retrofitting Requirements (1 hr.)

Module 2 - Testing Dirty Systems (1 hr.)

Module 3 - Security Testing  (1 hr.)

Module 4 - Usability Testing (1 hr.)

Module 5 - Testing Commercial Off-the-shelf Products (1 hr.)

Module 6 - Integration, Interoperability and Compatibility Testing (1 hr.)

Day 2 - The Role of QA and Testing in Preparing for the Unexpected

Module 7 - Planning  for the Unexpected  (30 mins.)

Module 8 - Business Continuity Planning (1 hr.)

Module 9 - Disaster Recovery Planning (1 hr.)

Module 10 - How to Write a Security Incident Response Plan (1 hr.)

Day 3 - Testing Better, Cheaper and Faster

Module 11 - Tables and Arrays (1 hr.)

Module 12 - Understanding Risk (1 Hr.)

Module 13 - How Tools Can Help in Testing (1 hr.)

Module 14 - Making the Transition from Manual to Automated Testing (1 hr.)

Module 15 - Building a Testing Dashboard (.5 hr.)

Module 16 - Process Definition and Improvement (1.5 hrs.)



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