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All of the services described below are performed in confidence and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements as needed.


Do you feel that you need an independent and unbiased assessment of your organization’s current testing practices? Sometimes you feel that you may know the right direction for improvement, but need an external view. Other times, you just need fresh ideas and objective feedback.

Our assessment include interviews with key staff at all levels in your organization including testers, test managers, developers, QA team, project managers, business units and senior managers, along with observations of how you actually perform tests, and a review of your existing test documentation.  The goals of the assessment are:

Just two or three minor changes in test practices can result in tremendous overall improvements to your testing efforts.

Document Reviews

Everyone can profit from an independent review of documents. Randy has personally reviewed many test plans, requirements documents, use case documents, etc.   He can do the same for you by reviewing document content and identify gaps and strengths. If you need help with document formatting, Randy can provide a variety of templates you can customize and use quickly. In the event you need additional training, Rice Consulting has a variety of courses in test planning, requirements documentation and use case design. We can also train your staff in how to perform reviews and walkthroughs.

Test Tool Searches

We have extensive experience with test tools of all types and can help find the right tool match for your organization. In addition, we can provide a buffer between you and the vendor to protect you from excessive contact. Using our tried and proven test tool evaluation process, we can save you time and money by screening the most applicable tools on the market and providing you with the finalists for your consideration. You always remain in control of the process - we do the legwork for you!

Plus...we can also provide strategic tool guidance that can also save time and money.

Test Tool Implementation and Integration

Finding and buying a test tools is just the tip of the iceberg. The hard part comes when you deploy the tool in your organization. We can help by:

Optimizing Your Testing Efforts

We often hear people say "We do a lot of testing, but our customers still find bugs!" Our response is, "What is a 'lot' of testing? Time? People? Test cases?" It's not how much testing you do, but how effective is your testing? Often, more is not better!

Here's the good news: It's not uncommon at all for an assessment and subsequent improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness by 20% or more! What could your test team do with 20% more time?

We do this by:

Adding Value to Your Testing Efforts

In this economy of outsourcing, you need to be able to show clear and tangible ways to add value to your organization in addition to testing. We help you add value by:

Motivational Management Briefings

Sustained motivation is an individual thing that doesn't happen from the outside. However, we can address senior management in a way that is credible and engaging to build a business case for your testing and software quality efforts. We can say the things you may be afraid to say to your management in a way that is positive and yet challenging.

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