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Course Catalog

RandyRiceOur extensive catalog of courses in QA, testing and software engineering is divided into the following categories.

All of these courses can be taught at your location in the United States and Canada. Please contact us for a quote and for European availability. Those courses that also are available in the e-learning center are indicated.

Basic Courses
Basic Training in Software Testing e-learning
Foundation Level Course in Software Testing e-learning
Introduction to QA and Testing 
User-Oriented Practices for Delivering Quality Software e-learning
Structured User Acceptance Testing e-learning
Test Planning and Design
Software Quality Assurance Foundations
Intermediate Courses
Software Test Design Using Pairwise Techniques
Agile and Exploratory Testing
Testing Service-Oriented Architectures e-Learning
Intermediate Software Testing Techniques
Innovative Software Test Approaches
Software Quality Assurance - A Life Cycle Approach
A Short Course in Performance Testing e-Learning
Testing Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) Software Applications  e-Learning
Security Testing for the Enterprise and the Web 
Adding Value to Testing and QA Processes 
Building and Testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
Integration and Interoperability Testing  
Interactive Workshops
How to Become a Better Tester!  
Improving Processes Using Root Cause Analysis  
Gathering, Documenting and Testing User Requirements e-Learning
Building an Effective QA and Testing Process for Ongoing Validation
Use Cases From Concept to Test Cases e-Learning
IEEE Standards for Software Engineering
IEEE/EIA 12207-1997 for Software Life Cycle Processes e-Learning
IEEE 1012-1998 for Software Verification and Validation
IEEE 1058-1998 for Software Project Planning and IEEE 1540-2001 for Software Risk Management
IEEE 830-1998 Guidelines for Software Requirements Specifications
IEEE 829-1998 for Software Test Documentation
Developer Testing Courses
Unit Testing
Unit and System Testing for Distributed Software Developers 
Unit and System Testing for Mainframe Developers 
Business Analyst Training
Gathering, Documenting and Testing User Requirements
Improving Processes Using Root Cause Analysis  
Use Cases From Concept to Test Cases  e-Learning
Walkthroughs, Reviews and Inspections 
Moderator Facilitation Skills Workshop
A Process for Deliverable Reviews
Reviews and Inspections
Walkthroughs, Reviews and Inspections
Moderator Facilitation Skills Workshop 
A Process for Deliverable Reviews
Test Leadership and Management
Practical Software Test Management
Managing and Controlling Testware
Becoming an Effective Test Team Leader
Becoming an Influential Test Team Leader 
Software Test Management Quick Start Course

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"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which
all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." -- Vince Lombardi

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